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Wind&Bones Books is our very occasional publishing imprint. We publish books we care about, and want to see out there in the world.Our first book, published in late 2019, was a revised, updated and expanded edition of Will Buckingham's Finding Our Sea Legs: Ethics, Experience and the Ocean of Stories. First published in 2009 by Kingston University Press, the book has continued to delight and fascinate readers with its expansive philosophical approach to ethics, and its sinuous storytelling.Finding Our Sea-Legs is available from both in the USA and in the UK. The ebook is published in Kindle and EPub format, and available from all the usual places.

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Finding Our Sea-Legs

Finding Our Sea-Legs asks a question that has preoccupied philosophers form the very beginning: how do we make sense of ethics, when it seems so hard to agree?In Finding Our Sea-Legs, Will Buckingham takes a fresh approach to this question. Instead of seeking the solid ground of philosophical agreement, he launches the reader on a journey across the ocean of stories, to ask about how we experience ethics within our everyday lives.The book takes philosophy as a kind of storytelling, and storytelling as a kind of philosophy. It weaves together tales about Immanuel Kant and drunken Indonesian gods, prophesying fish in the fish-markets of New York and the subtle ethical philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas, to explore what it means to live in the middle of ethical uncertainty.Sceptical of the idea that we can come into safe harbour and reach ethical agreement, the book is optimistic about the possibility that for all our disagreements, we may nevertheless be able to ride out the wind and the waves. And that in finding our sea-legs, we may learn to live better with uncertainty."An examination of philosophy and stories that will leave you waving, not drowning..." -— Left Lion magazine"A rich, lucid feast of a book" —

About the Author

Will Buckingham has a PhD in philosophy and a background in anthropology. He has also published five novels (four for adults and one for children) and a wide range of nonfiction books. He contributed to DK's globally bestselling The Philosophy Book, and his most recent book is Hello, Stranger: How to Welcome the World (Granta 2021).Will has taught philosophy and storytelling in universities across the world. He was visiting associate professor at Sichuan University in China, and Reader (Associate Professor) of Writing and Creativity at De Montfort University, Leicester. He now makes a living as a freelance writer.Find out more about Will here.

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